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Smart Bright Street

The luminaire offers uniform lighting on street and high energy savings of up to 70%*. With high impact-resistant polycarbonate cover and IP65 protection, it is ideal for touch weather conditions. It has a long life as compared to FTL/CFL street lights and meets lighting level as per B2/B1 category roads of IS1944.

Indoor & Outdoor Led Lights Manufacturers and Suppliers

A keen advancement with a human driven methodology in making the world experience the wealth of lighting. Mixing unrivaled stylish sensibilities with profound mechanical and electronic skill, Dreams Electronics LED Lights gives straightforward and enduring lighting answers for the client.

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Long lasting performance

Designed for energy savings of up to 70%*. 50000 burning hours @L70 Designed for operations under diverse environment from -10˚C to 45˚C

High quality material and design

Finless design with superior aesthetics looks Toughened and shatter-proof quality built-in lens enhances safety Pressure die-cast housing offers excellent corrosion-resistance and robustness

Uniform lighting

Street light distribution with uniform lighting on the street

Home & Offices

With a well thought-out LED lighting plan, you can make your home office a comfortable space. You can even increase your concentration, as the right light makes you more alert and more efficient. And thanks to clever LED technology, you can reduce your electricity bills too.

Outdoor & Industrial

LED Outdoor Lighting Is More Cost Efficient, Durable, Versatile, Eco Friendly, and Longer Lasting. Traditional exterior lights use 20-30 watt light bulbs but LED lights use more efficient light bulbs, requiring less changing of bulbs.

Architectural Lighting

Lighting has a big impact on the rooms in your house or the work spaces in your office. A beautiful room can look bad because of bad lighting and an ugly space can get a much better look thanks to quality lighting.

Solar LED Lighting

What Are Solar Lights? A:Solar lights are lighting systems powered by the sun and come in various colors, designs, and sizes. Since they are powered by solar radiation they have no wires to connect. LED Solar lights are the best alternative energy source since they are eco-friendly and come from a limitless source.


We at Dreams Electronics believe in providing a solution rather than a product and that is why we make business effective lighting solution, a simple and streamlined process for our customers. Your industry segments’ needs are extremely familiar to us, so you can count on us to reliably deliver or help coordinate any– or all– parts of the lighting solution you want, from concept design and detailed audit to complete lifecycle services. When you partner with Dreams Electronics as an end to end solution partner, you’re assured of results that give you maximum business impact and a committed lighting quality with minimum hassle and risk.

Why Choose Us

Convey feasible inside plan arrangements that flawlessly coordinate phenomenal thoughts from the most conventional environmental elements and make a space that attendants in congruity, solace and a profound feeling of safety.

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